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Bronze Memorial to the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer in his home town of Redditch, Worcestershire


Over the years, many people (and not just Redditch folk) have asked why there isn't some form of permanent tribute to John Bonham in the town where he was born, grew up, went to school and, for a time, worked. Yet, for whatever reason, no such tribute has been forthcoming.


So, in 2013, two local musicians and Led Zeppelin fans, Clem and Sam Dallaway, decided it was time to act. Along with another local  Led Zep fan, Ros Sidaway, and accountancy business owner, Alistair Hayward-Wright, they formed the John Bonham Memorial Fund.


The campaign was officially launched in Redditch on Friday 31st May 2013, on what would have been John's 65th Birthday.


An event to celebrate John's life and music was held the following day at Cafe Mambo @ No.5 on Church Green East, overlooking the bandstand area where, it is hoped, a permanent memorial to the town's most famous citizen will be sited. Local bands and solo artists played al fresco throughout the day performing covers of Led Zeppelin tracks.


And so began the campaign to raise £50,000 for a permanent memorial to Redditch's most famous citizen.

Interview on Central News. 9/8/13

One Year On.......


......and we're making steady progress.  From the outset, we were determined to do this properly and with total transparency. We are doing this for John's memory and not for personal gain. Above all, we wanted to secure the trust and support of John's family.


We are delighted that Linda Bonham, wife of John's late brother, Mick, has joined the campaign group. And in turn, we now also have the support of John's sister, singer songwriter,Deborah.


We have set up an online giving page via where supporters can make one-off or regular donations securely, and purchase tickets for our events. Or if you would like to organise your own fundraising event, you can also do this through our GoldenGiving page:


Now that the foundation stones are in place, we will be re-launching the campaign on Saturday 31st May 2014 - when we will also be making a very special announcement!

The John Bonham Memorial Fund is an independent fundraising group based in Redditch. All donations and monies raised are held in a dedicated society bank account with NatWest Bank.  Treasurer of the Fund is Mrs Ros Sidaway.


Our official auditor (and Registered Office) is Hayward Wright Accountants, 4 Clews Road, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 7ST


Update May 2016


We're nearly there!


We've received a pledge from someone who, at this stage at least, wishes to remain anonymous.


This means that we're now able to move to the design and planning application stage.


We still need to keep on rising money for installation and ongoing maintainance costs when sited., but we are aiming to have a permanent memorial in place by 31st May 2017 - John's 69th Birthday.


More to follow.

Update July 2017


Well after a few setbacks earlier this year, we're pleased to tell you that we are once again moving forward with John's memorial. We have a new sculptor on board and a new location in the town centre, close to the original site.


A plaster maquette is currently being produced to accompany a new Planning Application to be submitted ahead of the Council's October Planning meeting. We are grateful to Redditch Borough Council Officers for their guidance with this fresh application.


Funding for the design and production of the Memorial has been secured. We are now focusing our fundraising efforts on monies for the actual installation works and ongoing maintenance costs once in situ.


We are aiming to have the Memorial installed for John's 70th Birthday on 31st May 2018.

Update January 2017


Happy New Year. We have some great news to kick off 2017!


We now have Planning Permission from Redditch Borough Council for the Memorial to be sited at the Bandstand on the Church Green, in Redditch town centre.


We are pressing ahead with the design development stage, and continue to raise money for the installation and ongoing maintainance costs when the memorial is in situ.


We had hoped to have the memorial in place by 31st May 2017 but a late summer unveiling now looks more likely.


Further information to follow.



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